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Piracetol Review – New Nootropic Alternative to Piracetam with Top Cognitive Enhancers

Piracetol Smart DrugPiracetol is a nootropic supplement, dubbed the “smart pill”, which has been designed and created by neuroscientists.

The formula has been engineered to increase cognitive function, and is suitable for anyone that needs to get the most out of their brain, the manufacturer says.

This smart supplement is also being labelled a piracetam alternative. Piracetam was the original nootropic and was developed many decades ago now. Since then, the market didn’t really explode.

Recently, however, there has been a sudden surge in nootropic supplement interest.

This is partly down to movies like Limitless, and its subsequent TV series. For the most part, it’s because of the relatively recent research of some natural, exotic compounds which can improve the function of the mind in various ways.

Piracetol is like a natural version of piracetam. It contains many of the top researched nootropic compounds in the world today, and their combination is absolutely synergistic. It also happens to be extremely good value for money.

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Piracetol Benefits

Neuron BrainMost nootropic supplements and smart drugs are designed to improve your mental function, but some are definitely more comprehensive than others.

Piracetol’s benefits, based on the formula, and the company’s own claims are as follows:

  • Sharper Focus and Concentration
  • Improve Memory and Learning
  • Increase ability to Multi-Task
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Boost Mental Energy and Vitality

With all of that in mind, nootropic supplements are suitable for everyone these days, not just the academics and professional engineers, scientists etc they used to be marketed towards.

Who Should Use Piracetol?

Following on from the last section, we were saying anyone can benefit from a good smart pill.

Need sharper focus, or faster working memory? What about better critical thinking or multi-tasking?

Here’s a few examples of the kind of people using this one:

  • Students – exams, tests, coursework…the pressure is on these guys to perform and some of them feel the burn. It helps to have something literally working for you when it comes to excelling in academia.
  • Professionals – again, pressure, performance and long hours can start to befuddle the brain and it isn’t going to get better with buckets of coffee and no sleep. Nootropic supplements like Piracetol have been proven to help people get their job done…and done well.
  • Athletes – sports, athletics, the gym…they are all mental games as much as physical ones. Your mind can be the limit or the trigger. Some natural compounds can tighten the communication between mind and muscle. Alpha-GPC – the main ingredient in Piracetol – is arguably the best in the business.
  • Scientists – particularly scientists love these supplements because many have read and understand the clinical trials…and they know successful ones when they see them.
  • Biohackers and lifehackers – people who know all the tricks and products that can keep them a step ahead. For years these people have been collecting the ingredients individually (at huge cost in some cases) but now they can buy ready-made nootropics.

Ingredients in Piracetol

Piracetol Ingredients FormulaHere are the ingredients that make up the 1000mg in Piracetol’s dose:

  1. Alpha-GPC
  2. Cat’s Claw
  3. Oat Straw
  4. Huperzine-A
  5. Bacopa Monnieri
  6. L-Theanine
  7. L-Tyrosine

Alpha-GPC increases acetylcholine production, a major neurotransmitter. It improves memory, learning ability, focus. It also increase mind-muscle connection as it is directly involved in speed of muscle contraction.

Huperzine-A further increases acetylcholine by inhibiting the enzyme which takes the neurotransmitter out of cycle.

L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine in combination is like yin and yang. Theanine increases alpha-waves while improving alertness, helping you feel relaxed but focused, where Tyrosine reduces stress and mental/physical fatigue.

Oat Straw aka Avena Sativa is like a natural anti-inflammatory for arteries and blood vessels. It promotes alertness in the user and can trigger the release of vital, calming alpha-waves in the brain.

Cat’s Claw is Uncaria Tomentosa from rainforests. It repairs DNA damaged cells in the brain, which delays age-related decline of the mind. It may be used as a treatment for Parkinson’s.

Bacopa Monnieri contains bacosides which repair neurons and actually promote new nerve growth, which is something thought at one time to be impossible.

What About Side Effects?

There should be no negative side effects from using Piracetol. There has been no reports of them with the ingredients included in the formula.

The manufacturers recommend not to take any stimulants alongside the product.

Follow the guidelines on the packaging regarding dosage.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The scientists who developed this are pretty confident. They will refund you the cost of the product AND the shipping and handling fees if you think it’s not for you.

Purchasing and Shipping Options

Piracetol Special OfferPiracetol can only be purchased from the official website. They currently have special offers which even includes Buy 3 and GET 3 FREE at the time of writing this report.

The most popular is probably the Buy 2 GET 1 FREE.

Worldwide Shipping is also currently FREE!!

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