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Highest Ranked Nootropic Supplements

best nootropic supplements

Nootropic Supplements are very effective when the right ingredients are used. They include some of the most scientifically proven compounds across the whole supplement industry. You can feel many of them work from the first time you use them as well, especially those which improve mood and reduce stress. Nonetheless, ...

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Modafinil – Should You Use It?

modafinil drug

Modafinil is nootropic agent that is often used to boost energy levels and promote a higher degree of alertness. It is believed to be especially useful for people who do not get a sufficient amount of sleep. Modafinil users often state it provides a cleaner energy boost than caffeine and ...

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Piracetam – The Original Nootropic

brain study

Piracetam is one of the most popular nootropic supplements in the world. It has a good reputation for providing a number of brain-boosting benefits including improved levels of focus and concentration, enhanced learning abilities, better memory, and increased motivation. It is also believed to be a mood enhancer. Although science ...

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Nootropics and the Ageing Brain

history brain

People use nootropic supplements for a number of reasons. Students may feel they need a little extra help to cram for their exams, and shift workers sometimes use them to try and maintain their focus at work. Business men and women may use them during brainstorming sessions. The situations where ...

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How Can Nootropics Help with an Exam?

exam nootropics

Nootropic supplements are becoming an increasingly favoured study aid, but it is not really all that surprising. Brain-boosting nootropics like Pramiracetam can increase concentration and alertness in a similar way to caffeine and offer the added benefit of enhancing cognitive abilities. Students who use the right nootropic, or combination of ...

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The Racetam Family Explained

brain candy

Racetams are synthetic compounds that are often utilized as key ingredients in nootropic supplements. Several types are available, and they all share a common structure, but the minor differences between each of the forms allows them to produce slightly different effects. What are Nootropics? Often called “smart drugs” or “cognitive ...

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Adderall Benefits and Side Effects

Adderall tabs

Adderall is a “smart drug” that contains amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Doctors often prescribe Adderall as a treatment for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but it has also developed a reputation as cognitive enhancer. This has made it popular with students, business people, and overreachers from all walks of life. It ...

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What Are Nootropics, how do they work, different types

what are Nootropics

The term ‘nootropics’ was applied in the 60s to a very specific species of drug known as the Racetams. Piracetam was the original nootropic to be synthesized by a Romanian scientist – Corneliu Giurgea, and since then the nootropic label has become an umbrella for a whole subset of compounds, ...

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