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SmartX Review – Is It A Cerebral Success?

SmartXSmartX is a nootropic supplement produced in the USA by Cerebral Success. The formulation is designed to improve memory function, provide increased concentration, and energize the user’s brain by an amount that is sufficient to allow them to become more efficient.

The marketing material states SmartX contains “a bunch of ingredients” that are clinically proven to improve overall brain health in all the ways that matter.

The chosen ingredients are contained within a proprietary blend, so some estimation would be needed to judge how effective the product would be as a whole prior to trying it.

Luckily, trying products is what I do (said like a true hero).

Proprietary Formula

Proprietary blends aren’t always a bad thing. Sometimes there is a valid reason for doing it. However, if all the ingredient names are listed, but the inclusion rates are not, the usual argument of ‘protecting the formula’ is a little hard to swallow.

It’s not difficult to go and research an ingredient and find out what an effective oral dose would be.

So why not include that information, if you have made a worthwhile product?

Just my thoughts

SmartX in Summary

The SmartX marketing method is to highlight its reputation from winning on the show, Shark Tank. To me, this ‘victory’ has no real correlation to its quality as a nootropic supplement; just that it is something worth investing in to a business shark. Is that even a positive thing? I’m not sure.

Secondly, Cerebral Success point out that SmartX was recently voted #1 best overall brain supplement of 2015. Hit the link and you will find a review site – a bit like mine – where the owner of the site votes it Number 1.

Mind Lab Pro
Mind Lab Pro – One of the highest ranked

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do, but if I vote something Number 1, I wouldn’t expect that product’s manufacturer to quote me as the judge of all nootropics for the year!

All of that said, the recipe for SmartX is really good. The one variable I can’t determine is how well dosed each ingredient is. Judging by my own experience they might be spreading it too thin by including too many.

I had much better results using Mind Lab Pro, and Modafy, my current favourite nootropics.

You can read more about my highest ranked products by following the link…

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Why SmartX?

According to Cerebral Success, the formulation boosts brainpower by increasing blood flow to the brain, allowing it to receive the extra nutrients that are necessary to stimulate the central nervous system and provide extra mental energy and agility. It is also designed to protect the brain from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Key promised benefits include:

  • Maintains production of acetylcholine (important neurotransmitter)
  • Provides important vitamins, nutrients & amino acids
  • Prevents neurotransmitters from being degraded
  • Increases alpha brain-wave magnitude
  • Assists cell-to-cell communication

Suggested usage times include:

  • In the morning (for a productive start to the day)
  • In the afternoon (to fight post-lunch sleepiness)
  • Before study sessions, presentations, or debates

Ingredients in SmartX

SmartXSmartX utilizes a proprietary blend that contains unspecified amount of the following 12 ingredients:

L-Glutamine: An important amino acid. The results of some studies suggest it may enhance the memory and improve learning abilities by supporting synaptic maintenance and plasticity.

Huperzine A: A natural compound sourced from Chinese club moss (huperzia serrata). Huperzine A is believed to good for improving the short-term memory and is sometimes used as a treatment of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other cognitive deficiencies.

Vinpocetine: A periwinkle extract that can encourage vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels) and improve blood flow to the brain, thereby providing extra oxygen and nutrients.

Phosphatidylserine: An ingredient that is usually sourced from the brains of cows. In this case an alternative soy-based form is used that should be more acceptable to vegetarians.

Phosphatidylserine is often added to nootropic supplements in the belief that its presence can improve the strength of cell walls and trigger other improvements that may protect the brain from age-related damage.

Bacopin: a popular Indian herb that has been included here to improve learning capabilities, working memory in particular.

Glucuronolactone: A natural by-product of glucose metabolism, glucuronolactone may help to protect against mental fatigue. Some studies suggest its abilities can be improved when it is combined with caffeine, as is the case here.

Caffeine & L-Theanine: The concentration improvements associated with caffeine have been well documented. It is sometimes paired with L-theanine to reduce the likelihood of jitters and other caffeine related side effects.

DHA: An important Omega 3 fatty acid that appears to support brain fluidity and enhance mental function.

B Vitamins: B vitamins are popular in supplements of all kinds. They are included here to help promote healthy cell metabolism in the brain and improve mental function.

Schisandrin A: An extract taken from a Chinese fruit. It is highly valued in traditional Eastern medicine and is believed capable of supporting healthy central nervous system function.

L-Tyrosine: A precursor to dopamine that has shown some potential as a focus enhancer and may be useful for protecting against fatigue.

Cognizin: A patented form of citicoline that is may enhance cognitive function by improving neuron communication.

Customer Feedback

A few average testimonials read:

“I read a lot of reviews that said SmartX works, so I took the plunge and gave it a shot. It did nothing for me at all, so either there are a lot of fake reviews about or the pills work for some people but not for others.”

“Works like a charm. Helps me concentrate on my work without causing any nasty side effects.”

“I think the pills made a slight difference, but not enough to justify the price.”

“Helps to take the hard work out of studying and gives me the extra edge I need when I am up all night or hitting the books.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

Nootropic brain healthTolerance must be assessed before the full dose of two capsules per day is consumed, so new users should take just one capsule per day. If no negative issues are experienced it is permissible to take the full dosage from day five onwards.

The manufacturers state SmartX is not suitable for people who are under 18-years of age or for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Anyone who is taking medications or has existing health problems should consult their GP before supplementation is commenced.

They also warn against using the product in combination with alcohol, and stress the importance of reducing or discontinuing usage if side effects occur. Supplementation must also be stopped at least two weeks before any scheduled surgery.


SmartX is sold with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

A single (30 –day) bottle of SmartX costs $45 (£29.50) + shipping from the Cerebral Success website and customers can make payment via debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

It is possible to secure a modest discount by adding an extra bottle or two to the order, but the maximum saving available equates to less than $8 per bottle. Customers who live in the UK also have the option of purchasing from the Lucky Vitamin online store, but with a price of £37.86 per bottle this is usually not the cheapest way to go.

Recommendations for Best Results

what are NootropicsOne customer comment hits the nail on the head. SmartX might be for some people and not others. You could say this about most supplements actually.

The formula ingredients are a great list but there may just be too many, and the dosages too weak, because I have had much better experiences with other products.

The nootropic supplements I rank the highest currently are Mind Lab Pro and Modafy. If you are looking for the muscle definition element as well, then there is Muscletronic iGPC.

You can read a quick summary of these by following the link…

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