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Pterostilbene – The Better Resveratrol

pterostilbenePterostilbene is rapidly becoming known as the ‘better resveratrol’, which, considering what the latter is capable of doing, is quite the reputation.

With a very similar chemical structure to Resveratrol, its cousin Pterostilbene is far more bioavailable and therefore much better absorbed into your system.

Low doses offer benefits to cognitive function, whereas high doses seem to maintain cholesterol and blood sugar. The low dose for cognition suits the nootropic supplement format as it will fit comfortably in a little capsule alongside many other ingredients.

Blueberries are a good source, and together with anthocyanins (the other bioavailable antioxidant), Pterostilbene gives the fruit its ’super’ status.

How Does Pterostilbene Work?

mind lab proPterostilbene replaces the two hydroxy groups in Resveratrol with methoxy groups to become what it is. The result is a much higher absorption rate than its cousin.

It reduces neuroinflammation, improves memory and learning capacity and alleviates anxiety. This can occur at low doses, where most of the other effects appear to need heavier amounts. This is good news considering we are here to discuss the nootropic qualities of the ingredient.

The life extension aspect of Pterostilbene is likely to sound like that of Resveratrol, in that it can improve the quality of life with respect to cardio vascular health and sharper cognitive function, but is unlikely to add physical years to the user’s life. A nice way of putting this on one scientific website is that it adds life to your years, not years to your life.

Even so, Pterostilbene is still being studied and although there is no direct evidence to suggest it will extend a human’s life, that proof is hard to come by and so the benefit cannot be ruled out. There are certain biomarkers for life extension, and it does fulfill some of them, but so do a few other neutraceutical compounds, some of which have been discussed on this website.

A good stance to take might be that this molecule is wholly good, and no matter what other benefits are discovered henceforth, they are benefits nonetheless!

Are There Other Benefits?

PterostilbeneCognitive function, enhanced memory, anxiety reduction and anti-neuroinflammation are the main benefits of concern to this nootropic researcher, however there is evidence to suggest there are many more, particularly if Resveratrol is anything to go by:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory (body and neurological)
  • Joint Inflammation reduction
  • Blood Pressure Reduction
  • Cholesterol maintenance (with low dose)
  • Triglyceride reduction
  • Blood glucose regulation
  • Lung Cancer risk reduction

Where Does Pterostilbene Come From?

Originally discovered in the pterocarpus genus of plants, it can be found in low quantities in blueberries and grapes (and wine).


doctorPterostilbene is going to be one of the most talked about natural ingredients, once people have fully digested the facts about Resveratrol. As soon as the majority of interested people realizes it might just be an upgraded version, the shelves and internet stores are likely to empty in a flash.

The belief that it is the source of everlasting youth is however misguided. Not that it should detract from how excellent Pterostilbene is, because it is without a doubt a formidable ingredient.

Those amongst us who aren’t really here for the added years, and are more interested in the benefits to cognitive function, will be much happier. Pterostilbene has shown that at very low doses it can improve both memory formation and learning potential, as well as reduce stress levels and even protect the brain from inflammation.

Its antioxidant properties are well established and the other benefits are impressive enough to warrant planting a blueberry farm right now…

…or you could simply get hold of a complete nootropic supplement, packed with lots of ‘smart drug’ goodies including the great Pterostilbene.

Check out the best one we have found to date – Mind Lab Pro – It is well worth it!

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