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OptiMind Review – Is It The Perfect Blend?

optimindOptiMind is a dietary supplement designed to blow away the brain fog and help users to wake up more easily and focus on the tasks they are doing with more intensity.

According to the marketing material the “perfect” blend of vitamins and amino acids locked inside the capsules can restore brain function and help the user to:

  • Get Smarter
  • Focus Longer
  • Memorize More

Customers are also told they will notice the results within just one hour.

OptiMind in Summary

generic pillsIt doesn’t feel quite like having a bucket of cold water dumped on your head, but the recipe is not a bad one at all.

The formula contains caffeine so it doesn’t strictly rely on traditional nootropic compounds to do all the work. I merely mention this because some people prefer to keep caffeine out of their nootropic supplement and some like it in.

Depending on what type of sensation you want, you will decide whether OptiMind is for your or not. Do you want some caffeine stimulation or not?

However, there are others I would recommend over OptiMind, including NooCube, Mind Lab Pro and Modafy (another one with caffeine). Check out the summary of their reviews by following the link below.

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Why OptiMind?

questionMany people notice their mental abilities diminishing as they get older. It’s a natural part of the ageing process, but science has provided a better understanding of why these changes take place and has given rise to a thriving nootropic supplement industry.

The right quantity and combination of ingredients can work wonders for a failing memory and other signs of cognitive decline, but the market is flooded with numerous supplements that fail to live up to their marketing claims.

The manufacturers of OptiMind claim their formulation is result of analysis that encompassed the data provided by more than 50 years of neuroscience research.

Ingredients in OptiMind

Each (2 capsule) serving provides 385 IU of Vitamin D and 0.5.mg of Vitamin B12 and, together, it is possible they may promote a slight improvement in mood and increased levels of mental energy.

The rest of the ingredients (1,490mg) are hidden in a proprietary blend.

GABA: The main inhibitory neurotransmitter in mammals, GABA protects the body from adrenal fatigue. It helps relax the brain and lessens the likelihood of stress. GABA also boosts the production of alpha brain waves, while consecutively reducing the levels of the beta brain waves that could otherwise cause scattered thoughts.

Phosphatidylserine: An ingredient that improves neurotransmitter metabolism and assists nerve signal transmission. Phosphatidylserine can be useful for boosting memory function.

Alpha Lipoic Acid: An antioxidant that can be manufactured in the body. It helps convert glucose into energy and is found in every cell of the body.

Caffeine: A stimulant that can provide extra energy and boost levels of focus and concentration.

Huperzine A: A plant extract with a good reputation for boosting cognitive function and enhancing learning abilities.

Tyrosine: An amino acid the body uses as a chemical messenger. It provides many cognitive benefits including improved mental alertness.

Taurine: An amino acid that can sooth brainwave activity and help promote a more relaxed state of mind. It is often added to supplements that contain caffeine because it appear to be able reduce the likelihood of caffeine related side effects such as the jitters.

Sulbutiamine: A popular neuro-enhancing nootropic that can boost mental function and provide extra focus and drive.

Vinpocetine: A derivative of the periwinkle plant. Vinpocetine widens the blood vessels (vasodilation) and increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

Bacopa Monnieri: A perennial herb extract that may help improve memory formation and retention.

Customer Feedback

The company website contains numerous five star reviews praising the product’s virtues, but of course it would!

Independent feedback could not be found at the time of this review.

Side Effects & Health Issues

Nootropic brain healthThe FAQs page on the OptiMind website states a few customers have reported side effects, but fails to state what the side effects were and suggests “the only real way to know how OptiMind will affect you is to try it”. (I get what they are saying, but still).

People taking medication for another issue should consult their doctor before taking this or any other supplement. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid products that aren’t strictly recommended by their doctor.


A money back guarantee is promised, but it only applies to the 14-day trial pack. Customers who wish to take up the offer of the free trial have to provide their card details to do so. The website’s terms of service page states the trial period starts from the date the order is received.

It also points out the pills typically take three to five days to arrive. This means the trial period will run out before all the pills have been used. The terms of service page also states customers who order the trial pack are automatically registered for an automated billing and shipping program.

If the customer doesn’t cancel the arrangement within 14 days of ordering the trial pack, OptiMind will despatch a full bottle of pills and apply a charge of $43.31 against the card they have on file. This process will be repeated every month until the customer cancels the arrangement.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

OptiMind is only available from the manufacturer’s website. A month’s supply of pills costs $43.31. Customers who order two bottles of pills pay $63.35.

All customers are automatically entered into the aforementioned automated billing and shipping program. At the time of this review the company was not shipping to the UK, but preparations were underway.

A dedicated UK landing page was available, and appeared to be functional, but when we entered the necessary details and selected “rush me my order” we were transferred to a page that thanked us for “waiting to try OptiMind” and stated: “We don’t currently ship to United Kingdom; we’ll send you an email as soon as we do!”

Recommendations for Best Results

best nootropicThe ingredients that have gone into the OptiMind formula are good.

My issue is with the auto-billing system. I understand if this is a convenient way for a company to set up a their structure, and the product is not bad so customer will amybe want to re-order it anyway.

I’m just saying, I don’t ever go for that. If I like a product, I will make the decision to get it again. Some auto-billing schemes can be really tough to get out of. This one seems easy enough though.

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