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Nootrobrain Product Review

Nootrobrain nootropicNootrobrain is a nootropic formulation designed to make people smarter one pill at a time and marketed as a “cognitive enhancer”.

If the marketing spiel is to be believed that one pill per day can provide some pretty dramatic results and enable users to absorb vast amount of information and recall it easily.

Is Nootrobrain really that good, though? Or is it just another over-hyped product that will turn out to be more wallet-busting than brain-boosting?

We’ve already received several queries about this product and were intrigued to learn the truth.

Why Nootrobrain?

Nootrobrain is the flagship product of a company called Nootrolabs and, according to the Nootrobrain website, the formulation works by increasing the quantity of neurotransmitters in the brain and improving mitochondrial function.

Presuming the information supplied is accurate, it also improves the metabolism of glucose, restores cell membranes that have been altered by the aging process, and improves the density of the cholinergic and glutamate receptors that are necessary for learning and memory.

Some of the promised benefits include:

  • Improved verbal communications skills
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Increased focus
  • Increased concentration
  • Enhanced memory
  • Enhanced learning abilities
  • Enhanced sensory perception
  • Enhanced mood
  • Anxiety Reduction

In tech-spiel it all sounds very good, but ingredients are everything so let’s take a look at what we have here and see how good the formulation really is.

Nootrobrain in Summary

It’s got some good ingredients, and wouldn’t be a bad choice, especially for fans of aniracetam.

I’ve tried Nootrobrain and I can’t get on board with it for some reason. There is little effect, for my liking, and it’s missing some serious ingredients which could explain it.

#1 Recommended Product: Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab ProThe best is Mind Lab Pro in my opinion, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It has the most comprehensive ingredient list, the most benefits to the user and the best value for money.

I didn’t need to the think twice about it.

Check out the review and see what you think too.

Click here for the Mind Lab Pro review

Ingredients in Nootrobrain

The Nootrobrain formulation consists of four popular nootropic ingredients.

Aniracetam: A fat-soluble molecule that has proven abilities as a cognitive enhancer. A number of studies suggest much of its value comes from its ability to decrease the rate receptors desensitize.

A powerful memory enhancer, aniracetam also has the ability to stimulate the production and release of serotonin and dopermine, thereby providing improved decision making abilities, boosting the confidence, and enhancing the mood.

CDP-Choline: A powerful nootropic capable of boosting uridine and choline. Potential benefits include improved learning abilities, protection of memories, and improved memory recall.

Vitamin B-6: No good nootropic formulation should be without a good dose of vitamin B-6—and not many of them are. This water-soluble vitamin has been used to treat mental decline (elderly people) and is known to improve mental focus. Vitamin B-6 is also essential to serotonin production and its use can prevent mental fatigue, elevate the mood, and counteract feeling of depression.

Bacopa Monnieri: An Indian herb that can alleviate anxiety and is also known to be a memory enhancer. Supplementation with bacopa monnieri can assist smooth signaling between nerve cells and is currently being investigated for its potential to repair damaged neural pathways. Other potential benefits include improved mental clarity and better decision-making abilities.

Usage Instructions: The recommended dose is one capsule per day. This should be taken each morning with a meal or snack. Customers who feel a greater need for mental clarity later on in the day may take the capsule in the afternoon instead.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is limited, but the testimonials available are good.

“I feel like it helps me. Making decisions has always been difficult for me. This makes it a little easier and my verbal and interpersonal skills have improved.”

“In this case the word MAGIC PILL is not too far off the mark. I find it so much easier to focus now it’s unbelievable, and jobs that used to be a real chore are just another obstacle that is quickly tackled and laid to rest. A BIG BIG THANK YOU!”

“I’m more confident now and feel I can better handle situations that life throws my way. Nootrobrain isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it as far as I am concerned.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

Nootrobrain should not be used by women who are pregnant or nursing, but Nootrolabs state their formulation is 100% free of side effects. This may be the case, but we still advise any potential Nootrobrain user who has known or suspected health issues to consult their doctor prior to beginning supplementation.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Sales of Nootrobrain appear to be restricted to the official website. Each bottle contains a one-month supply of pills and usually costs $67-$79 (depending on promotion).

Per bottle Nootrobrain costs considerably more than many competing nootropic products, but shipping is free and all sales are protected by a lengthy 6 month guarantee.

Bulk buy discounts are also available and can help ensure customers who are happy to make an increased initial investment get more for their money.

Recommendations For Best Results?

mind lab pro nootropicNootrobrain looks quite good from the outset but I just find it ineffective compared to other products. It lacks a bit of strength in the formula.

It’s not a bad choice for somebody finding their way in the nootropic world, but I can really help you get the best one available if you want it.

Mind Lab Pro is the recommended nootropic supplement. You will not be disappointed!!

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