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NitroAMP Review and Rating

NitroAMPNitroAMP isn’t a complicated product. It contains just two ingredients: caffeine and L-Theanine.

This has caused many people to say it is nothing more than a glorified caffeine tablet, but many NitroAMP users defend its reputation in the strongest of terms, stating the formulation offers far superior benefits than standard caffeine tablets could ever achieve.

The caffeine + l-Theanine stack is quite well known because l-Theanine takes the stimulant edge off caffeine, allowing for a smoother concentration boost.

Why NitroAMP?

NitroAMP nootropic NitroAMP are produced in the US by Neuro Laboratories and marketed towards anyone who is seeking the benefits a stimulant can provide without any of the accompanying side effects such as jitters or heart palpitations.

In fact, NitroAMP supposedly exerts a calming effect that can ease the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, but that’s not all.

Other (short term) benefits include:

  • Enhanced accuracy/alertness
  • Greatly reduced Stress Levels
  • Elevated sense & mood
  • Noticeable improvements in short-term memory
  • Removes ‘jitters’ from caffeine creating clean energy

All desirable benefits, each and every one, but this is apparently only half the picture because, when used over longer periods of time, the formulation delivers additional benefits.

  • Weight loss (when paired with a healthy lifestyle)
  • Increased immunity over flu type viruses
  • Less susceptible to distractions
  • L – Theanine promotes quality sleep
  • Control anxiety & depression

If all these claims hold true NitroAMP is certainly a lot more than just a caffeine tablet, but it’s easy to see why so many non-users are so skeptical.

NitroAMP in Summary

The caffeine-theanine stack is a good one, but it’s probably more of an add-on supplement to another more comprehensive product. Or, it is a short term booster for short term needs!

So, if you’re looking for ‘the one’, NitroAMP probably isn’t for you.

#1 Recommended Product: Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab ProCurrently, my favourite complete nootropic is Mind Lab Pro.

It has both short and long term benefits, and can even your brain health in the years to come.

Check out the review by following the link below.

Click here to read the Mind Lab Pro review

Ingredients in NitroAMP

Each capsule provides:

Caffeine Anhydrous (100mg): Caffeine powder and not an overly generous dose. A good strong cup of coffee can often provide over 100mg of caffeine.

Given the amount of coffee drinkers in the world and caffeine’s use in so many soft drinks, dietary supplements etc. caffeine is probably the most easily accessible stimulant in the world. Caffeine-related benefits include boosted energy levels, improved concentration, and appetite suppression.

L-Theanine (150mg): A green tea extract famed for its calming abilities and equally renowned for its power to alleviate anxiety. Some studies show L-Theanine can also improve mental focus.

coffeeAlthough individually each ingredient can provide some of the promised benefits, neither one is capable of providing the powerful benefits promised to NitroAMP users.

Some studies prove the two ingredients can work surprisingly well when combined, however, and it would appear the power of NitroAMP as a whole (blend) exceeds the power of its two parts because tests show the combination can provide a smooth increase in energy levels and alertness without any of the anxiety or the dreaded “crash” associated with caffeine.

Believing the two ingredients can work so well together can still be a hard sell, but customer feedback offers the best endorsement. Past users confirm the formulation works and that is a fact that is much harder to argue with.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is in short supply, but surprisingly good.

A few sample comments read:

All the benefits of caffeine without any of the headaches. I couldn’t be more pleased. I feel more alert and the world seems a better place. Not a single jitter or heart palpitation and I’ve even dropped a few pounds so results all around.”

“I was very skeptical about this one, I mean caffeine is caffeine right? I bought a bottle anyway and gave it try. I’ve bought several more since. The long hard slog on a morning doesn’t seem so long anymore and I feel I can handle anything the day throws at me.”

“Work all day and then hit the gym on a night. It used to be pretty hard going. My workout sessions were more like worn out sessions. Not any more. Thank you Nitroamp”

Side Effects & Health Issues

Neuro Laboratories promises the NitroAMP formulation is 100% free from side effects. This may be so, but it always pays to be a little skeptical of any product that contains caffeine, so we recommend pregnant or nursing mothers err on the side of caution and refrain from taking any brand of dietary supplement unless its use has been approved by their doctor.

Anyone with any health concerns or existing health conditions is also advised to play it safe and seek their doctor’s advice prior to commencing supplementation.

Usage Instructions: One capsule is all that is required each day and, for best results, this should be taken first thing each morning, on an empty stomach.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

NitroAMP can be purchased from the Neuro Laboratories online store. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and costs $19.97 plus shipping. A bottle lasts 60 day so for a nootropic formulation NitroAMP is pretty cheap and customers who opt to bulk buy a six month supply pay just $49.97.


NitroAMP is sold with a 60 day money back guarantee.

I can’t recommend NitroAMP as a stand alone nootropic. Not when the likes of Mind Lab Pro and Alpha Brain are available!!

Recommendations for Best Results?

Mind Lab ProNitroAMP is a nice add on to any other nootropic if you are looking for an extra boost. I personally would not get it on its own because there are much more comprehensive options to use my money on.

Check out Mind Lab Pro for a really impressive nootropic product, and then tell me you need a caffeine-theanine stack. I think I know what the answer will be.

Click here for my review of Mind Lab Pro

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