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Modafinil – Should You Use It?

Modafinil bottleModafinil is nootropic agent that is often used to boost energy levels and promote a higher degree of alertness.

It is believed to be especially useful for people who do not get a sufficient amount of sleep. Modafinil users often state it provides a cleaner energy boost than caffeine and other popular stimulants, so it is often the go-to nootropic for people who are looking for a better way to improve their powers of concentration.

Although it is possible to obtain Modafinil via a prescription, doctors usually only prescribe it as a treatment for obstructive sleep apnea and similar sleep-related conditions.

However, it is easy to find an online source of supply so Modafinil continues to be a popular supplement with students, business persons, and many other people who are hoping to attain a more competitive edge.

Supplements Instead of Drugs

mind lab pro nootropicThe quality and strength of supplements are rivalling those of drugs like Modafinil these days.

The fact that these supplements don’t have the negative side effects that the medications do is a bonus.

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A Brief History

history brainModafinil was developed in the 1970s by Cephalon Inc. It is marketed under a number of different brand names including Alertec, Sun Pharma Modalert, Provigil, Modiodal and Modapro.

During the 1980s it was used as an experimental treatment for narcolepsy (causes people to fall asleep without warning) and is now used to treat a variety of sleep-related disorders.

British and American military personnel have been known to use Modafinil to help them to remain awake and alert fro up 40 hours at a time, and some studies indicate it may also be useful for controlling the damaging effects short-term sleep deprivation can have on the brain.

There can be little doubt of its value as cognitive function enhancer, but Modafinil can also cause side effects, so potential users would be wise to seek medical advice before deciding to use it as a standalone nootropic or adding it to an existing nootropic stack.


Doses of 200mg per day are not uncommon, but the amount and timing can vary according to the prescribing doctor’s instruction, and people who opt to buy the drug have been known to overstep the recommendations regarding its use.

How Modafinil Works

Modafinil appears to have the ability to enhance histamine and locomotor action in the central nervous system, but science has failed to identify all the processes that allow it to produce its nootropic effects.

Main Benefits

nootropic ideaAlthough all the exact methodology involved remains unknown, Modafinil has proved to be very useful for supressing the need for sleep and can help clear the minds of people whose cognitive functions have been dulled due to sleep deprivation.

This makes it a popular option with students who are trying to push themselves harder and sacrifice sleep as a way of extending their available study time. It can be likewise popular with business people who find there are not enough hours in the day.

Modafinil Side Effects

Nootropic brain healthAlthough Modafinil is usually considered safe when used in the recommended way, it is capable of causing a number of side effects and the likelihood of negative reactions greatly increases if the dosage recommendations are ignored.

Some of the side effects that have been linked to Modafinil usage include:

  • Reduced desire for food
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • High blood pressure
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Nervousness
  • Dry mouth
  • Headache
  • Insomnia

Modafinil can also cause a reaction if it is used in conjunction with certain medications and this is another good reason why buying online and using without a doctor’s supervision is not a good idea.

People who experience chest pain, dark urine, headaches, unusual tiredness, or any other negative reactions are advised to stop taking Modafinil at once and seek medical advice.

Concluding Thoughts

nootropics unlimitedAlthough Modafinil can be effective for suppressing the need for sleep and improving concentration abilities, a number of nootropic supplements are capable of providing similar benefits without entailing the same risk of side effects.

Admittedly, Modafinil is an easy product to source and buy on line, but the lack of restrictions on its availability should not be considered an indication that is a safe nootropic option.

Potential users are advised to choose an alternative option or, at the very least, seek the advice of a medical professional before attempting to boost their brains with Modafinil or any other nootropic product that may mix its benefits with the potential for causing harm.

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