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iQuzil – is it really as good as Adderall?

iQuzil NootropiciQuzil is a nootropic supplement manufactured in the UK by ThoughtFoods.

It is produced in capsule form and has been developed especially to aid students with their studies.

ThoughtFoods is based in Cambridge and claims to be on a self-appointed mission to help people to optimize their cognitive abilities and performance by providing them with effective nootropic supplements.

The company even calls it ‘The learning and productivity accelerator that beats Adderall.’

Adderall a prescription drug which is often given to young people suffering from acute ADD and other attention disorders. Although ThoughtFoods make the statement, there is no real basis for it, and it certainly hasn’t been approved by drug administration bodies, such as the FDA.

Is there any basis to it though? We have long believed that ,some nootropic products are better and better for you than Adderall. Let’s see if iQuzil is one of them.

iQuzil in Summary

Each capsule of iQuzil contains 700mg of the formula we’ve explained below. That’s a 2100 mg dose if you are taking 3 caps a day (that costs £63 GBP by the way, which is about $80 per month). It’s hard to say what the exact experience will be on this dose from the recipe alone, and everyone’s experience is different.

This is one of the most comprehensive recipes available on the nootropic market, in terms of the amount of different ingredients. The main issue we found is that it doesn’t seem to do much compared to other products we have used. It could be a case of too many ingredients for any of them to have a huge effect at that dosage.

At the price they are asking, we’d recommend something more powerful and less expensive.

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Why iQuzil?

The iQuzil sales page states the formulation contains a number of “highly effective” ingredients that can improve a wide range of cognitive processes.

Three capsules are required half-an-hour before engaging in a cognitive task, and the promised benefits are:

  • Better overall cognitive performance
  • Provides a feeling of enhanced wellbeing
  • Helps the brain to process more information
  • Accelerated cognitive speed and energy
  • Improved learning abilities
  • Improved memory function
  • More motivation and focusCalms and relaxes the mind
  • Relieves anxiety

These are all abilities that could be beneficial for students who are trying to maximise the results of their studies, but could be equally attractive to many other user groups including business people, members of the medical community, and anyone who has to work long hours or make complicated decisions.

Ingredients in iQuzil

Supplement IngredientsiQuzil contains unspecified amounts of no less than 16 ingredients so ThoughtFoods appear to have tossed in everything but the kitchen sink.

The formulation contains:

Picamilon: A drug that provides a synthetic combination of niacin and GABA. It can cross the blood-brain barrier to provide improved mental abilities and anti-ageing benefits. In Russia it is often used to treat the symptoms of depression.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT): An amino acid that is required for numerous physical and mental functions. N-Acetyl Tyrosine can reduce feeling of stress and anxiety and improve neural communication.

Taurine: An amino acid that has a soothing effect on brainwave activity and encourages a more relaxed state of mind.

Vinpocetine: A popular nootropic ingredient sourced form periwinkle. Supplementation with vinpocetine can initiate a slight widening of the blood vessels (vasodilation). This can improved brain health by ensuring the brain cells receive an increased amount of blood to provide extra nutrients and oxygen.

Huperzine A: A moss extract that can boost mental abilities and assist the learning process.

Caffeine Anhydrous: A powdered form of caffeine that is usually used to provide increased levels of focus and concentration and is also a respected energy provider.

DMAE: A popular cognitive function booster that can be found in numerous nootropic supplements and is sometimes used as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

B complex: Presumably provides a number of B vitamins. Many nootropic supplements contain B vitamins assist energy metabolism and DNA synthesis. They are also believed to aid many cognitive processes.

ZMA complex: A combination of Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, and vitamin B6. It is usually associated with bodybuilding supplements because it can help give testosterone levels a boost and improve hormone function.

ALCAR: An ingredient that can allegedly reduce fatigue and enhance mental abilities, including memory functions and learning skills.

Alpha GPC: A choline provider that is usually used to improve brain cell function, provide more energy and focus, and boost learning capacity.

Bioperine: A patent-protected black pepper extract that can help the body to absorb other ingredients more easily.

Vincamine: A natural vasodilator that is often used to improve blood supply to the brain.

Niacin: Also called Vitamin B3, niacin can provide extra mental energy and improve alertness.

Adrafinil: Primarily used as an alertness booster, Adrafinil is somewhat of a risky choice because it carries a higher potential for side effects than most other nootropic ingredients.

Pramiracetam: A powerful nootropic ingredient that can boost mental abilities, improve the attention span, and provide long-lasting improvements to the memory.

Customer Feedback

A few customer comments read:

“I was impressed by how fast I received my order, but the pills don’t do a thing, so I am forced to continue my search for a nootropic that works.”

“These pills are excellent. I could already feel a difference on the second day. It felt like someone had just oiled the cogs of my thinking processes and everything suddenly seemed so clear. Studying was a doddle and I experienced no side effects at all.”

“The pills took a while to kick-in, but after a few hours I noticed I was becoming a lot more productive and focussing on the job at hand was much easier.”

“It was nice to get a free sample, but the three freebies are gone in one dose and I am not sure that I noticed any difference. I dare say they might start to work after a few doses, but I am not prepared to spend the money required to find out.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

The manufacturers do not mention if side effects are likely to be an issue, but pregnant or nursing mothers should always be particularly cautious and consult their GP prior to taking any brand of dietary supplement. The same advice holds true for people who suffer from existing health issues or are taking medications.


iQuzil is sold without a money back guarantee.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

A bottle of 90 capsules costs £47.98 from the ThoughtFoods website. It is also possible to order a sachet, that contains 18 capsules, for £9.60. Customers even have the options of ordering a special three-capsule sample pack. It’s free, but as a try-before-you-buy incentive it probably does not provide a sufficient amount of pills to allow for effective evaluation.

Recommendations for Best Results

questioniQuzil is definitely an interesting product with perhaps the most extensive ingredient list we have tried. There may be too many ingredients for any to have an outstanding impact.

It is difficult to know this simply from looking at the formula because there are so many inclusions that it may get a little confusing to understand whether all of them are necessary for cognitive improvement.

What we do know is that trying products can get expensive if you go through a few before you find the one that works.

That’s why we have compiled a small summary of the best supplements available, that also happen to come with money back guarantees and FREE shipping.

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