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CDP-choline (citicoline, citicholine, Cognizin)

CDP-choline (aka Citicholine or Citicoline) increases levels of both Choline and Uridine in the body and brain after oral ingestion. It is comparable to Alpha-GPC in terms of increasing phosphatidylcholine in the brain, which enhances learning capability and improves memory.

The compound is also neuroprotective and its memory enhancement is demonstrated in youth as well as improving that which is declining due to age.

CDP-choline may have anti-addiction properties with respect to certain drugs like cocaine and might also reduce food cravings/addiction.

Mind lab pro cognizin

Oddly, the cognition enhancing effects are more powerful at the lower end of the dosage spectrum, so for nootropic employment, somewhere around 250mg to 500mg a day should be perfect. See the Mind Lab Pro review for a good example of a complete nootropic containing this quantity of Citicoline (in the form of the patented, Cognizin).

How Does CDP-choline Work?

neurotransmitters CDP-choline converts to choline and cytidine after oral ingestion. The cytidine coverts to Uridine thereafter, which means that the benefits of both choline and uridine are conferred to the user. As such, the addition of this ingredient to any nootropic blend is the equivalent of adding two ingredients.

Increases in acetylcholine in the brain is the principal benefit of cholinergic molecules like this one. Acetylcholine is one of the most important neurotransmitters for cognitive function. More neurotransmitter activity equates to higher cognitive processing and even translates to faster, more powerful muscle contractions. For this reason, strength athletes use CDP-choline to help them increase power during weight lifting repetitions.

A biochemical process called the Kennedy cycle uses CDP-choline to synthesize phospholipids, which are important for optimal function of neurons. Normally it is limited by the rate at which CDP-choline is manufactured by the body, however, supplementation of CDP-choline itself increases plasma choline and uridine instead, meaning neuron function is heightened significantly.

It has a positive effect on blood pressure due to the relaxing of blood vessels as a result of cholinergic signalling. This lowers blood pressure, however where low blood pressure is a problem, supplementation appears to raise it slightly, thereby normalizing it. Very interesting.

One study shows CDP-choline can increase phosphocreatine levels, which should provide extra energy to the user on a cellular level, adding to the concentration of ATP.

Are There Other Benefits?

There may be a mild appetite reduction effect, although the mechanism for this is not really known yet.

Other benefits may include:

  • Neuroprotection
  • Pain killing effects

Where Does CDP-choline Come From?

CDP-choline is a molecule which is synthesized in the body. It can also be synthesized in a lab and supplemented for the benefits described above.


mind lab pro nootropicAs acetylcholine boosters go, CDP-choline (and all its synonyms: citicoline and citicholine) and Alpha-GPC are on a par with each other.

CDP-choline is a safe nootropic molecule that is synthesized within the body anyway, and supplemented for greater benefit to cognitive function. For a sharper mind, faster thought processing, better memory formation and even increased physical power, you can’t get much better than this inclusion.

As part of a more comprehensive multi-ingredient blend, either CDP-choline or Alpha-GPC should be included.

Cognizin is the purified trademarked version of citicoline (CDP-choline) that is in Mind Lab Pro (click here to read more).

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