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Alpha Brain Review – Natural Nootropic

Alpha Brain bottleAlpha Brain is a nootropic supplement produced by Onnit. It’s also one of the best-selling nootropics on the market so it is definitely a supplement worthy of closer inspection.

According to Onnit, users can expect to experience improved abilities in three main areas:

  • Focus
  • Mental Drive
  • Memory

Onnit also state use of Alpha Brain can improve lucid dreaming experiences. It all sounds very good, but let’s dig a little deeper and see how all these claims hold up.

Alpha Brain in Summary

Alpha Brain used to be my product of choice before Mind Lab Pro came along and set the new bar for nootropic supplements. It’s a quality supplement, and has a great company ethos behind it.

Onnit also sell a plethora of other products and they don’t stop at supplements; they have a wide range of unique exercise equipment and they’ve marketed their brand well.

#1 Recommended Product: Mind Lab Pro

mind lab pro nootropicI still won’t be going back to Alpha Brain now that I’ve tasted the possibilities with Mind Lab Pro.

The link to Alpha Brain’s site is below, as is the review for Mind Lab Pro – the top product on my list.

Seriously! Check out the Mind Lab review before you make any decision!!!

Click for Alpha Brain Site | Click for Mind Lab Pro review

Why Alpha Brain?

Alpha BrainAlpha Brain is a nootropic supplement. Sometimes referred to as “Smart Drugs”, nootropics are used to improve mental functions including memory, learning ability, brain health and mood.

Onnit states their formulation is unique because it incorporates scientifically-researched Earth-grown ingredients that target important neurotransmission areas in a balanced, but potent way.

If their message resonates with you, because of natural Earth-grown ingredients, then perhaps Alpha Brain is the nootropic supplement for you. However, I’ve found other nootropic products that use natural ingredients, and I’m not entirely sure which other planet could be the growth site, so either there’s some big astronomy news I’m missing out on, or it’s a bit of inflated marketing.

I find the best indication of potency is to take a look at the ingredients in the formula and see if they are likely to support the claims made for the product.

Ingredients in Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain contains a number of popular nootropic ingredients, most of which have been incorporated into proprietary blends.

Vitamin B-6 — An important water-soluble vitamin that supports a healthy nervous system and is important to the production of essential neurotransmitters. Its uses include the treatments of memory loss and depression.

L-Tyrosine — A respected nootropic ingredient, l-tyrosine is a precursor to l-dopa. In one study the researchers boosted the l-dopa levels of 40 volunteers and then taught them an artificial vocabulary. The higher levels of l-dopa increased the volunteers learning speed, and long-term retention.

alpha brain L-Theanine — An amino acid sourced from some teas. Its use can produce a relaxed state of mind and help counteract feelings of stress. Heightened alpha wave traffic in the brain (synonymous with feelings of vitality and happiness) due to L-Theanine might just be what gives Alpha Brain its name.

Oatstraw Extract — A natural stress fighter, oatstraw also has the ability to aid relaxation and improve the attention span.

Phosphatidylserine — A fat-soluble compound that is naturally-occurring in the brain and is of crucial importance to cognitive functions. Supplementing it can optimize the levels that already exist in your brain.

AC-11 (Uncaria tomentosa Extract) — A plant-derived proprietary ingredient with a proven ability to assist with DNA repairs. Further study is required, but some scientists believe the compound activates enzymes that can protect against environmental stress.

L-Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine — A derivative of lecithin that is easily absorbed and gets to work quickly. It improves mental function and enhances learning capabilities by triggering the secretion of extra acetycholine, one of the principal neurotransmitters involved with cognitive function (also linked to REM sleep state).

Bacopa Monniera Extract — A popular Ayurvedic herb that is associated with improved working memory. It has a long history of medicinal use and has a good reputation for boosting cogitative abilities. Clinical studies indicate the natural antioxidants in bacopa monniera may protect mental function and enhance learning skills.

Huperzia Serrata Extract — A natural acetylcholinesterase (AchE) inhibitor. AchE breaks down stores of acetylcholine. By inhibiting its breakdown huperzia serrata ensures the brain has sufficient acetylcholine to perform at optimum function.

Vinpocetine — A periwinkle extract that assists mental function by increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain. It is known as a cerebral vasodilator

Pterostilbene — A very popular nootropic ingredient that is naturally-occurring in blueberries and can prevent mental fogging caused by the free radicals present in certain foods. Considered the ‘better Resveratrol’.

Usage Instructions

To enhance mental performance: one to two capsules should be taken in the morning or early afternoon and Onnit suggest the capsules be taken with a light meal. Users who weight 200lbs or more may increase the dose to three capsules.

To enable an enhanced dream state: one to two capsules should be taken four to six hours before going to bed.

*Three capsules should never be exceeded in any 24 hour period unless approved by a doctor.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very good.

Three sample customer comments read:

“Awsome stuff! Helps me get my head straight on a morning. Really sets me up for the day.”

“I’m new to this nootropic stuff so i wasnnt sure what to expect. These really blew my mind but in a good way. my thoughts seem much clearer now and I dont seem to be so forgetful these days. sleep a lot better too. highly recommended.”

“No lucid dreams for me (more’s the pity), but it helps keep my mind clear and improves my concentration at work even though my job is very boring :-(“

Side Effects & Health Issues

Alpha Brain is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 or for pregnant/nursing mothers. Anyone who has, or suspects they may have, a medical condition should consult a doctor prior to use. The same advice applies to anyone who is taking any form of medication. If adverse reactions are experienced supplementation should be ceased at once and medical advice sought.


A money back guarantee is in place and is good for three months from the date of purchase.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Alpha Brain can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website. A bottle of 30 capsules costs $34.95, but customers who purchase two or three bottles can benefit from bulk buy discounts—and US military personnel qualify for a 12% discount on all orders.

Recommendations for Best Results?

Alpha BrainAll in all it’s hard to fault Alpha Brain. The ingredients used in the formulation should be capable of providing the promised improvements in focus, mental drive, and memory.

Whether or not it will enable lucid dreaming is harder to say, but customer feedback is very good and the money back guarantee ensures customers who are unhappy in any way can reclaim their investment.

I wouldn’t take it over my preferred Mind Lab Pro now, but Alpha Brain makes my list of recommended products nonetheless.

Click here to visit official Alpha Brain site

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